A Rising Generation

I’m doing life with the Rising Generation.

A generation of young people that I am convinced will create a movement in the United Kingdom for the sake of the gospel.  Young people that will hold the redemptive story of God higher than their own.  I have never been a person that desires to maintain or manage a ministry. The desire will always be to see how the Spirit of God is moving among His people and how a partnership can take place. It’s not about us, it’s not about how creative we can be to come up with programes  and structures. ( I’m not knocking those things, for there is a time and place, I am just recognizing that systems aren’t always nessecary for God to show up and do what He wants to do.)  God has been at work since day one. He is at work way before we stepped onto the scene and will be at work long after.

For such a time as this , God has enabled my life to intersect with a group of young people in the middle of the UK.  We are a little village of 4,000.  We are a
youth group of maybe 20. But I don’t believe success of movement is created by the masses or in numbers. God desires disciples, not bench warmers.

I can take from Jesus’s example that it started with a few . Jesus did life with his disciples. That is the example that created the movement. When I consider the role in which I have stepped into, I expect to have no clever ideas. We are keeping it simple. It’s all about community and creating a space for young
people to wrestle with the idea that being a Christian is far more than going to church on Sundays. It’s about becoming authentic disciples who live and breathe the redemptive message of Hope through Jesus, and feel the urge to share that message with the world. That is the aim. That is the vision.  And we do this together, side by side.

A committed and determined minority is more powerful than an apathetic majority.”-

Success is discpleship. Join with us as we embark on the journey. This will be a map. A mile marker.  Clink the link below to follow our story.



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