Scalpels and Stitches

“What’s worse, new wounds which are so horribly painful or old wounds that should’ve healed years ago and never did? Maybe our old wounds teach us something. They remind us where we’ve been and what we’ve overcome. They teach us lessons about what to avoid in the future. That’s what we like to think. But that’s not the way it is, is it? Some things we just have to learn over and over and over again.”

Scalpels and Stitches. The cuts that dig deep. Wounds, Scars. We
are all walking around with them. We have major blows from the past, we have smaller incisions from today or yesterday……or from months ago. Our pride sometimes calls us to ignore them, combat them, suppress them, or get over them. The only issue with that is that they don’t flee. They remain if never acknowledged.

Grace. It also comes into our lives. To stay. But we don’t stay…..the same that is. If grace is truly let in. Grace won’t allow us to stay the same. When it is truly embraced. So the whole wound thing and the whole grace thing ……they go hand and in hand. I embrace the wounds but I equally embrace the grace.

These days I am finding the more that I press into God, the more He opens me up. That is what the love of God does. Opens us up, cleans out the cuts and stitches us back together. There is a promise in Isaiah 53, that by His wounds we are healed. We are made whole. By His cuts are we able to be stitched back up. Jesus knew a thing or two about scars.  He becomes a wounded healer.By His wounds, Jesus, we are extended grace. If we enter into this relationship of grace, we also embrace the idea of being a wounded healer too. Which means I embrace the stuff that I have had or will have to walk through. The hurts, the pains, the
frustrations, the sadness, the rejection, depression….and the list goes on. It doesn’t mean I will always understand it however I allow grace to be my filter, my lens in which I see through.

So I have been reflecting on my mess, pressing into God and He is opening me up. To His truth that is sharper than a double edge sword, to His grace- a love that never fails nor runs out nor gives up, and to His faithfulness that He uses everything. Nothing is ever wasted. No experience, no trial or tribulation, triumph or victory. There is divine purpose in all things. I have often pondered if we walk through some things specifically in order to give hope to others.  I don’t just ponder it. I fully believe it.

We were painting the cottage as a church this past weekend. In previous months a lot of time has been spent on the garden. Pulling weeds, scrapping and cutting down branches, planting new seeds and awaiting growth. Just because the outside was beautiful didn’t mean the inside of the cottage was in the same state. The cottage itself needed a lot of work. Floors were ripped out, a new kitchen was installed, heating, paint. The whole thing had to be gutted out.

As I painted the wooden beam on the ceiling I thought, this is what God does in our hearts. We try to get the gardens set right and God  is more concerned with gutting of inside. The refurbishment of our souls. To restore us to full glory. What do I look like in full glory? What do you look like in full glory? Do we want to live in a restored state? If so, then we need to see ourselves as people who are in need of restoration that we aren’t equipped enough to do. Only our response to His grace daily can do this.

Jesus- Wounded Healer

We are wounded Healers. We receive grace and then we extend it outward. It doesn’t stop with us. If it does, I am not sure that I have grasped it completely.

A young lad in the school that I work in had some great insight into this whole wounded healer concept this week when we chatted. He mentioned the youth sub-culture, “emo” – a group of young people that were often depressed and finding it hard to cope with life. A lot of self harm is involved. ( I know this may be a massive generalization but I am using his terms, not my own) The next sentence struck me to the core.

He simply stated, “The ones that try to commit suicide are the ones that can’t cope with life anymore. They are at the end and that is what they try to do. End the pain and the suffering. That is why it is important to put yourself in their shoes before you judge- because we have no idea where people are at and what they are going through” He says, ” I know this
because I used to feel low”

His own pain opened His eyes to see the pain of others. It didn’t stop there. He wanted to offer hope. He didn’t walk around stating that He was victorious. He spoke with soft, gentle words that seeped with humility. His own experience of grace enabled him to extend grace.

We all have the cuts. But are we prepared to allow the scalpels from His hand to restore us and stitch us up? In order to offer Hope.

“I was only asked to love, to offer hope to the many hopeless. I don’t get to choose all the endings. I won’t solve all the mysteries and my heart will certainly break in such a vulnerable life, but it is the best
way to live. I was made to love boldly in broken places, pouring myself out again and again until I’m called home.”–  Needle and Thread, Sleeping at Last.

When the world welcomes us in,
We’re closer to Heaven than we’ll ever know.
They say this place has changed,
But strip away all of the technology
And you will see
That we all are hunters,
Hunting for something that will make us okay.

Here we lay alone in hospital beds,
Tracing life in our heads;
But all that is left
Is that this was our entrance and now it’s our exit,
As we find our way home.

All the blood and all the sweat
That we invested to be loved
Follows us into our end,
Where we begin to understand

That we are made of love,
And all the beauty stemming from it.
We are made of love,
And every fracture caused by the lack of it.

“You were a million years of work,”
Said God and His angels, with needle and thread.

They kissed your head and said,
“You’re a good kid and you make us proud.
So just give your best and the rest will come,
And we’ll see you soon.”

All the blood and all the sweat
That we invested to be loved
Follows us into our end,
Where we begin to understand

That maybe Hollywood was right:
When the credits have rolled and the tears have dried,
The answers that we have been dying to find
Are all pieced together and, somehow,
Made perfectly mine.

We are made of love,
And all the beauty stemming from it.
We are made of love,
And every fracture caused by the lack of it.

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