Coffee Snob

You wake up, struggle to come out from the warmth of the duvet, and make
your way downstairs.

The kettle starts to boil, the coffee beans are ground up and placed in the french press. When the hot water hits, the aroma is lifted filling up the room.  It says wake up, it says it’s new day,  but it also says to me,    lets get some time to reflect, sit with God, and experience Him.

Most that know me and spend time with me know I am a bit of a coffee snob.  That’s okay. I am willing to wear that label.  As a wise soul said to me once,”I don’t consider it an addiction but more of a dependence.”

I think of one of the guys in the church who bought me coffee syrups for my last conference for school. I think of meeting one of best friends in a coffee shop/ bookstore last year.  I think of all the apologies I will have to make to parents of young people for getting them hooked on caffeine. And to share the most extreme but most certainly most enjoyable memory is from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year. Our local Starbucks was open at 12:30 a.m. I popped in there with a friend of mine and we sat, with our drinks, and  had endless chatter about the goodness of our God.

I would assume that some would think my connection to a good cup of java is out of control, outrageous, and extreme. So much so that I would drive 15 minutes before a church service to hit up the local Costa. But the more I think about it, the more I see that it’s not just the coffee, it’s the time and space that I reserve to be with my God and to be with people I love.  When Costa is calling my name, I feel God calling my name even louder.  So I venture out, seeking the experience and intimacy with Him. It gives me space to recognize my real longings, to write in my journal, and connect with my Maker. Or I bring up a mug full, sit in my bed, put on worship and immediately I am in His presence. When this doesn’t take shape, I feel lost. Lost without connecting with God over a cup of fresh brew.  (When I think through where most of my thoughts come from when writing a blog………..well it’s a given isn’t it)

Allow me to introduce you to my friend Nicole. She is a real person however I have  never met her. She has this way of connecting with my heart. She has a way of pushing me towards Christ. She has this way of getting me to think about my relationship with God in a new and refreshing way. Her words, her truth, her passion is contagious. She’s an author.

I was randomly given this book to borrow, to read while I had an hour of downtime from my friend Christie. I love Christie. She’s a mom with three beautiful children and together with her husband they have a heart and a passion for advancing the kingdom through church planting. We connect, there is common understanding. She is a wise soul and when I meet with her, I am somehow encouraged to drop my own defenses and fling myself straight into the love of God.

Christie introduced me to Nicole, and now I am introducing Nicole to you. As  I read through the pages of her book called, “Fresh- Brewed Life: A stirring Invitation to Wake Up Your Soul,” I will be blogging more regularly  some thoughts that have impacted me and I want you to consider and to ponder.

In our pale imperfect light,
Our palms will stabilize,
And your brightness
Will close our heavy eyes,
And we’ll dream with you.
We’ll dream with you.

When we awake, we are left
With the eggshells inside of the nest And the promise that one day soon, It will come back to us…

When we reach into the night,
Where the water will rise,
Your wings will unbend.
In your brilliant display
All out worries will wash away.”- sleeping at last

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