A thought this morning

Sometimes I feel as though church is a place where people are commended for the lives won to Jesus, praised on how much sin can be eliminated, and who can have the best program with the most amount of people attending. Which none of those things are wrong but I wonder what the depth of the place and its people are like.  It’s like Christianity in a nice packaged present. It’s great, it’s perfect but it breeds a culture of a shallowness that never allows people to see into the core of one another because we aren’t perfect but too scared to show it. How do we move forward and grow if there is no vulnerability with people? I think we are afraid. Sometimes I am so afraid. Its this fear of judgement, fear of rejection that I actually don’t have it all together and a question of will people still accept me? Will people still accept us? Unconditionally. The way Jesus does. We need more people that can love unconditionally and if we are loving Jesus then we need to be loving unconditionally. But how do we do it if we don’t know it for ourselves?

I want to be someone who is vulnerable and also commends others for vulnerability. Struggles bring substance and honesty brings humility and humility to me is strength. It shows that people have an accurate view of themsleves. Strengths and weaknesses and can embrace both. To me it says, “I’m okay with who I am” and don’t we all want to be at ease with ourselves? We live in a culture and a time where everything around us is trying to define us. No wonder why its so confusing. This being at ease with comes from a place where we can see ourselves the way God sees us. It comes first from a relationship with Him and knowing we are loved by Him but also when others love us in this way. Love is suppose to be freeing and it devastates me that so many of us don’t feel freedom with Jesus or people that claim to follow Him. All we feel is judgement and misunderstanding.

If we claim to follow Jesus then we need to be people approaching others with His heart and His eyes. That we can see the brokeness and see that all people are people that wear the image of God. And seeing brokeness as something to be embraced and loved rather than being fixed with a few bible verses and a few prayers. It’s so much more than that. It’s making the committment to walk with the hurting and the lost and recognizing that in many ways we are a little lost. That we are no different from the people that we meet however we have a Hope that never changes, that never fails, that always endures. Sometimes I think how much potential are we sitting on? How much are we holding back because we judge? Love breaks down barriers. Love fills the holes the are buried deep down inside of us. What if we really understood what it was meant to be loved unconditionally? How different would our lives look? What if we could really step up to the plate and love people with everything that we have, with all that we are. I think peoples lives would change, I think that people will have a more accurate picture of this Jesus we love but overall I think it changes the world. The world will end up looking more like it should. One person has the power to influence this change in the world and funny enough it all comes down to one word………love.

(hahaha I’m so far away from what I really wanted to be sharing so I may just leave it that for now and share about the Christmas tag another time)


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2 thoughts on “A thought this morning

  1. I believe it was Gandhi who said, “be the change you want to see in the world.” There’s something to be said about that as well as the Golden Rule. What we put out is essentially what we get back. I think what you’re proposing here calls for many to first look at themselves – something no one really likes to do.

    I love it, keep challenging yourself and challenging the world to love.

    Love, Love – Katie

  2. Yes.
    Thanks 🙂

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